Long overdue for a post election thought and what should get me out of my hole but a blast from the past. As a youngish 30 something I’m sure I am only one of legions of people who crossed paths with the thundercats cartoon of the mid 80’s

Even then it was a guilty pleasure..lol.. I used to prance around with the cats fighting for good.. and pray against any spirits that might try to come though my TV when Mum Ra was saying his ‘evil spirits’ incantation. Yes, I was a spiritually informed youth… but not strong willed enough to give up after school cartoons.

(side note) Can I just say how my innocence was dashed when I finally came to realize that so many of the cartoons were premised on an innoculation of children against sensitivity to witchcraft and even the worship of false gods? There was always some RA that was the object of worship or terror in those things.. She Ra, Mum Ra.. and countless others. Ra was an Egyptian god.. that was 20 th century America people.. You couldn’t make a futuristic cartoon about good and evil without revisiting our pagan past?

But I digress..

I’m not a fan girl.. and don’t heavily follow the comic/cartoon movie scene. I actually came across this fan made thundercats trailer on.. *gasp* a political website, Hotair.com

It has very deservedly gone viral.

Wormy, a San Fran based graphic artist poured a year of his life into splicing together and editing frame by frame in photoshop, what has to be scenes from at least 10 diffeent movies and tv shows, to create a dramatic and believable 2 minute plus, trailer for a live action thundercats movie. (It’s already become an internet game trying to guess the source material that was used)

There is a movie planned..a CGI one, a’ la Baeowolf, but geekdom is of the firm belief that it will bomb. With the amount of buzz this trailer has gotten on the web, producers would be well served to model their CGI version after the visual and emotional tone that Wormy put together.

Would be awesome if they could actually snag the actors he cast to make them CGI characters too! LOL (Is that cheaper that live action acting?)

The purists in geekdom insist that only this exact movie, with this cast, in live action, will now suffice.

Wormy has thrown down the gauntlet. Can or should Hollywood try to pick it up?

Thoughts? Comments?

Keep it family friendly! This trailer has had the power to evoke any number of four letter expletives on the fanboy community sites..lol I’m sure they would welcome your more colorful assessments there.

Be sure to visit Wormytv at his blogspot site and give him some direct feedback as well.



The netroots is buzzing with the news of Biden’s latest apparent gaffe.

Apparently he warned a group of lefty fundraisers that Obama would be tested on the national security front within his first 6 months in office, and that America would be dissappointed in his response. He begged his audience to stand by the administration when the poll numbers reflect dissaproval with Obama’s handling of the situation.

The right has jumped on this as a clear example of Biden’s lack of trust in Obama’s ability to handle a crisis correctly, an the left is disgusted at what appears to be a monumental gaffe on Biden’s part.

I think both perspectives are incorrect, and that the true meaning of Biden’s ominous warning may actually be cause for conservatives to feel less terrified of an Obama administration.. at least on one front.

We are all forgetting to take one very important thing into account. The hubris of the left.

Obama/Biden, the media and just about everyone out there with a public megaphone, (barring conservative talk radio) is convinced that the democratic ticket is going to carry the day. They are also foolish enough to assume that this means they have a mandate from the entire nation, and that essentially this nation as a people has moved to the left, especially on foreign policy.

In the minds of this ticket, the approval of America would be dependent on an Obama administration conducting the sort of defeatist, white flag, all talk and no action appeasement foreign policy, as has been transmitted to the public on the stump.

I suspect that some of the national security briefings that the transition teams have been getting have been a serious reality check regarding that apporach, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Biden is trying to prepare their lefty base for some ‘dissappointment’ when the reality on the ground dictates a policy that may be more pre-emptive and aggressive that they may be expecting.

(Remember, this is the same Obama team that is on the record that a pre-emptive, unapproved strike inside Pakistan is under open consideration if neccessary)

In may ways, I think one of the biggest cons Obama has pulled on his base, is convincing them that he is the anti-war candidate. I think he may be more willing to take military action than even McCain, perhaps unwisely, with terrible consequences, because he won’t want to be seen as ‘soft’.

Read Biden’s comments again, assuming that Biden is talking to the left, about the left being dissapointed in a Bush style response to crisis, and tell me if this interpretation could make sense.

Mark my words,” the Democratic vice presidential nominee warned at the second of his two Seattle fundraisers Sunday. “It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We’re about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America. Remember I said it standing here if you don’t remember anything else I said. Watch, we’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.”

“I can give you at least four or five scenarios from where it might originate,” Biden said to Emerald City supporters, mentioning the Middle East and Russia as possibilities. “And he’s gonna need help. And the kind of help he’s gonna need is, he’s gonna need you – not financially to help him – we’re gonna need you to use your influence, your influence within the community, to stand with him. Because it’s not gonna be apparent initially, it’s not gonna be apparent that we’re right.”

The Obama team is going to need the influence of these powerful left wing democrats in THE COMMUNITY.

What community? I suggest the left wing community.

And I’m only too happy to go along with any policy that could upset that particular group of individuals.

Obama has tried to be all things to all people in this election. So no one really knows what they’re going to get. The bail out practically guarantees a freeze on universal anything, AND a raise in taxes. We could probably be fairly sure of a left dominated SCOTUS, but I suspect that when American lives are on the line the Obama administration may go out on a limb and make the hard choice to do the right thing.

Or this could all be gobbedy gook, and Biden is just THAT STUPID.. in which case, WOW.. just..wow.

I’d rather not have to take the chance of finding out though.

Joe takes the time to have a chat with Mike Huckabee in an exclusive sit down this weekend. Show repeats Sunday night at 8 pm. ET and again at 11 pm.

Joe was booked by Huckabee before the presidential debate that made him a household name. (I guess Mike was once again, ahead of the curve on this one)

Huckabee is correct in pointing out that if McCain manages to pull this one out, it will be on the back of the ‘ordinary Joes’ who asked the hard questions that the press was afraid to.

Check out the show replay for an interesting Al Sharpton take on the ACORN scandal, (not what you’d expect) and a country rendition of ‘Drill here, Drill now’ that’s probably headed straight to the top of the country charts.

The much anticipated show of the former governor of Arkansas and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, premiered as an oaisis of reason during the frenzied 24 hour coverage of the Bailout madness on Capitol Hill this weekend, and amidst the furious post presidential debate spin.

 Fox premiered its new show ‘Huckabee’, after a two hour debate analysis special of Hannity and Colmes which should have secured a fairly strong retention of viewership, if the feverish anticipation of Huckabee’s election supporter base would not have been enough in and of itself to secure good ratings.

The show featured the innovative format of an unscripted audience ‘townhall style’ Q and A along with more traditional elements of talk shows like the requisite host monologue and guest segments.

A few things stood out to viewers and new fans of the show. Huckabee did not make himself the ‘star’ of the show. He was a brilliant facilitator, in the sense that he actually allowed his guests to fully answer questions or make commentary without interruption; a lesson that the Hannity’s and O’Riley’s of the talk world would be well advised to learn. As a result there was almost no crosstalk to devolve into a shouting match, and the feeling tone of the entire show was much more reminiscent of an Oprah or Ellen sit down than a pundit’s sound off. He was warm, personable and funny without being over the top.

This is not to say that the show was not substantive. It was very much so. The segment with Elizabeth Hasselback of The View, which could have had the potential to devolve into a fluff piece about her role on the show, actually featured the roll out of the now infamous God ____ America clip of Rev. Wright as the set up for Elizabeth’s commentary of her interrogation of Obama for his relationship with Wright on an episode of The View. Without sensationalizing or editorializing about Obama himself, Huckabee provided a forum for a discussion of some of the concerns that association raised. This was significant, mainly because to date, Rev. Wright has been off the table for discussion during the campaign, and the inclusion of the clip could provoke an outcry from hardcore Obama supporters.

The segment signaled two things, Huckabee will not be afraid to take on controversial subjects, and that while he will be ‘vertical’ or positive and forward looking in his commentary, he is still a conservative. This first guest spot was clearly a red meat nod to the base.

Also featured in this opening show was some substantive economic commentary by a first rate line up of guests: Alexis Glick, producer of one of the Fox business shows, David Ramsey, popular host of his own business show, and Geraldine Ferrarro, whose role was to give some congressional perspective on what might be going on behind closed doors during the bailout talks.

While there was a sense of urgency about the need of the bailout package discussed, it was with distinctly comforting overtones. Ferraro pointed out that we’ve made money on previous similar deals, Ramsey postulated that the world did not come to an end when no deal was brokered by Friday, and Glick redirected attention to the root cause of the problem which she tied to the Democrat sponsored and pushed Community Reinvestment Act. Huckabee himself proposed the stimulation of the economy via the elimination of the capital gains tax as one example of something that could be part of a non-bailout package which he is deeply opposed to.

Interspersed between segments and ads, were the audience interaction segments where audience members were able to direct questions to both Mike and the guests at different points in the program. The connectivity and authenticity of those moments are sure to be a major part of the appeal of this show, and I think those moments should be increased, even if it means cutting the length of one of the guest segments.

The creation of the Fox news house band was a stroke of genius. There is a certain appeal to seeing folks you have known in front of the camera in one capacity, in another. Especially if they actually have talent. Further, by reaching out into the Fox family and giving them a sense of ‘ownsership’ in the program, Huckabee will begin to neutralize some of the resistance that there may have been to him there in some quarters. Make no mistake, Huckabee will run for office again someday, probably for president. He’s young enough to wait 20 years if he has to, and as we have seen this election, things are so much easier when you’re not fighting the media all the way through the process.

While no details have yet surfaced about how the show did ratings wise, or in MSM commentary, feedback in the netroots has been positive where discussion has been taking place. The consensus was that an hour of Huckabee is not enough.

Following are a sample of some of the comments posted to Huckabee’s PAC blog and on other message boards around the web.


We had –actually still having–a “watch party” for Huckabee. The best description comes from a neighbor who was not a Huckabee supporter during the primary. He said it was about time there was a talk show host who was not only smart and funny but also kind. If he had known more about Mike during the primaries, he would have voted for him instead of Thompson.

Loved Huck’s new show and the first place I went was to shoot an email to Fox letting them know it was GREAT!! I also ps that the band idea, pulling folks from Fox with all different types of jobs there was pure genius!! Like America, diverse!!! Loved the question section at the beginning where Mike just answered off the cuff. He is so good at that!!! Loved the interview with Elizabeth. The bailout disucssion seemed a little rushed (everyone tried to talk too long), but other than the fact that maybe Fox needs to give Mike 2 hours instead of one, it was GREAT!!! I will be watching tomorrow night when I have folks coming over for dinner. We are having a “Huckabee” party.

Didn’t really know what to expect from the show, but I thought the whole format was very well conceived and executed. There wasn’t a moment of the show where I felt uninterested in. I like the fact that Mike lets his guests speak without interrupteing them (e.g. Hannity). The economic discussion was excellent except that I wished it had gone on a bit longer so the guests could have debated the subject a bit more in depth (darn time constraints). Wasn’t sure what to expect from the band, but they were pretty good too.


My dad and I watched the show and enjoyed it very much.

loved the question and answer part. the response to the question about barrowing from a 401 to pay off high credit bill. was one that our family had struggled with the thought of. glad to find the answer, before we made the mistake. Thanks.

Almost 100 comments have been posted to the pac blog thus far, and I’m sure many more will come once the Sunday night viewers get their opportunity to experience the show first hand. If you haven’t had the opportunity to catch the show, do so. The repeat showing should air at 8pm ET tonight assuming that news of a deal on the bailout doesn’t trump regular programming.

Former members of the Huckabee campaign observed to an attendee at the taping yesterday, that the show was not scheduled to begin airing until Janurary, obviously the Fox bigwigs know a cash cow when they see one. Huckabee will be very profitable for the network if his track record of maximum reward with limited investment holds true.

The full tale has yet to be told, but as a first at bat, ‘Huckabee’ definately makes a solid base hit.

His Handmaiden

Links to review commetary



Over in camp Huck we keep an eye on polls.

Not so much on the unscientific internet kind, (although those are fun too) as much as on the national polling done on the state of the race between the two presumptive nominees.

We’re not so blind in our support of Huckabee and our platform, as to not realize that McCain’s eventual pick for veep will be the one who can help him win, based on the strategic play for state flips between the two.

We were, as a result, pretty bummed to read after Ted Strickland announced he was taking himself off the table for democratic vp, that Obama seemed to be ceding the rustbelt to McCain and had started to float the idea of a strategy of trying to flip Nevada, New Mexico,Colorado, and other mountain west states. http://patriotroom.com/?p=432

Anybody with a political brain knows that’s advantage Mitt territory.

(And Nooo I’m not hating on Mitt, I’m just saying Mike’s my guy, so it didn’t feel great to see his chances appearing to slip away.)

Some may well say that the rustbelt blue states also play to Mitt’s strengths, and that may be true, but only if he runs in them as a ‘populist,’ fairly similar to how he ran in MI, and that didn’t go over so well with the fiscon wing of the base. And I don’t think he’d want to ‘sully’ his conservative credentials for the future in taking that rout, but that’s just my opinion.

We think Mike is actually the stonger veep pick for the Penn/Ohio heartland pickups because of his significant appeal to Hillary’s blue collar crowd. (Mike’s true base was always more working class than ‘evangelical’.. class was the lowest common denominator across all of his support groups)

In fact, you could almost lay John King’s democratic and republican big boards over one another on primary nights and find an exact match between Mike and Hillary and Obama and McCain. There is no doubt that Hillary’s rural vote is going to be a serious game changer here.

But I digress..

Word was, McCain was holding the rustbelt on his own without veep help and Obama was turning his eyes west. It looked like Mike would get to keep his new day job at Fox after all.

And then came the latest round of polls: Former congresman John Leboutellier on his blog comments: http://leboutillier.blogspot.com/

The new spate of Quinnipiac polls from Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania have rocked the GOP political establishment.

Here is the brief overview from Quinnipiac:

This is the first time Sen. Obama has led in all three states. No one has been elected President since 1960 without taking two of these three largest swing states in the Electoral College. Results from the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University polls show:

Florida: Obama edges McCain 47 – 43 percent;

Ohio: Obama tops McCain 48 – 42 percent;

Pennsylvania: Obama leads McCain 52 – 40 percent.

In the three states, Obama leads McCain 10 to 23 percentage points among women, while men are too close to call. The Democrat trails among white voters in Florida and Ohio, but gets more than 90 percent of black voters in each state. He also has double-digit leads among young voters in each state. “Finally getting Sen. Hillary Clinton out of the race has been a big boost for Sen. Barack Obama. He now leads in all three of the major swing states, although his margins in Florida and Ohio are small,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

Believe me: these results – especially in Florida (thought to be secure for McCain) and Ohio (very winnable for the GOP – especially with Governor Ted Strickland stating he would not accept the Veep slot from Obama) – have shaken the McCain campaign and renewed the fear that an anti-GOP, anti-Bush tsunami is rolling in this fall – and it may take not only McCain along with it but dozens of GOP House and Senate hopefuls, as well.

It appears that Obama may be neutralizing some of McCain’s opportunities to pick up blue states. That leaves us status quo until you discover the progress that Obama is making towards flipping some states that went red in the last general election.

First, Iowa. Mccain didn’t really campaign there during the primaries, focusing his energies on NH. But it was unlikely,’white as the driven snow’ Iowa, that gave Obama his first big win and set him on the path to the nomination. They ‘know’ him, and like him there, a lot.

James Barnes in a National Journal article today reports:


“Because Iowans have a relationship [with Obama] they’re less likely to buy into the negative imaging attacks that McCain and, especially, the [independent] ‘527s’ will do in Iowa,” Norris said. “Iowans are going to say, ‘This guy is not that; he won the caucuses.’ ”

And on Mccain’s chances:

If his campaign has sometimes created the impression that McCain is indifferent to Iowa, his opposition to popular subsidies at times has made him seem downright hostile to the state’s interests.

In opening a town hall meeting in Des Moines last month, McCain attacked another economic boon to the state, the farm bill with its many crop supports. Playing his favorite role of maverick, the Arizonan told Iowans that if he were president he’d veto the measure.

Iowa, is one reason McCain should give Huckabee a secod look for veep. The only way he is going to hold Iowa red, is if he can maximise the turnout in Iowa’s rural conservative base, and Huckabee has proven that he can do that on a dime.

Another recent polling indicator that may shift the veep winds Huckabee’s way, is bad news out of the south. Obama is now in a polling dead heat with McCain in Georgia, and showing signs of strengthening his positions in other swing states like Missouri.

From Insider Advantage 6/19: http://www.southernpoliticalreport.com/storylink_619_444.aspx

June 19, 2008A New InsiderAdvantage / PollPositionsurvey conducted June 18 of registered likely voters in the November presidential contest shows Sen. John McCain leading Sen. Barack Obama by a single point in Georgia, making the race in Georgia a statistical tie. Libertarian Bob Barr, a former Republican Congressman from Georgia, received 6 percent of the vote.  The telephone survey of 408 registered likely voters is weighted for age, race, gender, and political affiliation. The survey has a margin of error of +/- 5%. It was conducted with InsiderAdvantage’s research partner Majority Opinion Research. PollPosition is InsiderAdvantage’s new branding name (look for additional information and expansion of PollPosition in the coming months). 

The Results:

McCain: 44%

Obama: 43%

Barr: 6%

Undecided: 7%

My view is that Georgia, the 9th largest state in the nation with 15 electoral votes, will remain a major new battleground state through November. This changes the landscape of electoral politics as Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, and perhaps another surprise southern state, join Florida as potential “swing states,” that cannot be presumed to vote Republican in 2008.”

Now granted, earlier polling did not reveal as much strength for Obama on the southern front, but as they say, time heals all wounds, and some of Hillary’s voters may be going home.

There is a chance that the winds of change may blow through the polls once again, but as emotions stabalize after the bitter democratic primaries, I think the trends we are seeing will hold fast and expand.

That means, as of now, Mccain needs a vice presidential pick who can help him hold Iowa, as well as southern states that are trending Obama, he also needs someone with enough blue colar appeal to stengthen his chance of taking the rustbelt to counter any losses that he may absorb in the south/mountain west, (although, for the record USA Survey polling showed that Huckabee polled extremely well in many swing states not traditionally considered his forte. ) http://www.teamhuck.com/

SurveyUSA Polling Strongly Indicates that Voters Prefer Huckabee
6/3: Massachusetts Polling vs. Obama (see how results were calculated)
Best: Huckabee, 2nd: Lieberman & Romney, 4th: Pawlenty

6/3: New York Polling vs. Obama (see how results were calculated)
Best: Lieberman, 2nd: Huckabee, 3rd: Romney, 4th: Pawlenty

6/3: Iowa Polling vs. Obama (see how results were calculated)
Best: Huckabee, 2nd: Romney, 3rd: Lieberman, 4th: Pawlenty

6/3: Kentucky Polling vs. Obama (see how results were calculated)
Best: Huckabee, 2nd: Romney, 3rd: Lieberman, 4th: Pawlenty

6/3: Alabama Polling vs. Obama (see how results were calculated)
Best: Huckabee, 2nd: Lieberman & Pawlenty, 4th: Romney

6/2: Minnesota Polling vs. Obama (see how results were calculated)
Best: Pawlenty, 2nd: Huckabee & Romney, 4th: Lieberman

6/2: Oregon Polling vs. Obama (see how results were calculated)
Best: Huckabee, 2nd: Romney, 3rd: Lieberman, 4th: Pawlenty

6/2: Washington State Polling vs. Obama (see how results were calculated)
Best: Romney, 2nd: Huckabee, 3rd: Lieberman, 4th: Pawlenty

6/1: Nebraska Polling vs. Obama (see how results were calculated)
Best: Huckabee, 2nd: Romney, 3rd: Lieberman, 4th: Pawlenty

5/30: Wisconsin Polling vs. Obama (see how results were calculated)
Best: Huckabee & Lieberman, 3rd: Romney, 4th: Pawlenty

5/29: Kansas Polling vs. Obama (see how results were calculated)
Best: Huckabee, 2nd: Romney, 3rd:Lieberman, 4th: Pawlenty

5/23: Ohio Polling vs. Obama (see how results were calculated)
Best: Huckabee, 2nd: Lieberman, 3rd: Romney, 4th: Pawlenty

5/21: California Polling vs. Obama (see how results were calculated)
Best: Huckabee, 2nd: Romney, 3rd: Lieberman, 4th: Pawlenty

There are many conservatives who do not like Huckabee on a personal or political level. But I think those seeking to put forward the argument that he brings ‘nothing’ to the table as a vp pick are living in dreamland.

Huckabee supporters  are prepared to accept the outcome if the path to victory overlooks picking Mike as vp. We may not like it, but would embrace any clearly pro-life vp in a heartbeat. The question is, would the rest of the GOP base get on board if the path to victory included accepting Mike Huckabee as VP. Sadly, I’m not so sure of that.

Time will tell the tale.

I don’t particularly like Townhall’s Matt Lewis.

He is one columnist who milked the Huckabee/Romney camp rivalry for all it was worth, writing provoking commentary designed to earn him hundreds of hits and hundreds of comments.

I guess that made him feel good about himself.

He’s at it again in his reaction to and ‘analysis’ of Huckabee’s advice to the GOP that we not try to win the election by ‘demonizing’ Obama.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Message to Huckabee …
Posted by: Matt Lewis at 3:42 PM

Mike Huckabee has warned Republicans to lay off Barack Obama.  My thought:  This is a bit patronizing.  Why should Republicans treat Obama any differently than any other candidate? 

… Of course Republicans shouldn’t make racist attacks — that’s a given.  But politics is rough-and-tumble — it has always been that way, and, in my estimation, it’s healthy for Democracy. 

We will have achieved equality when Obama is free to be (as Huckabee might say) “demonized” — just like every other presidential candidate in the history of America has been …


Hummm.. patronizing?

It’s not patronizing if the republicans really need to hear the warning and apply it. We like to think we are above those types of obviously ‘cross the line’ tactics:

Try telling that to republicans forwarding emails that Obama is the Anti-Christ,

Or to talk show hosts who pretend that calling him Barack HUSSEIN Obama is not intended to produce a knee jerk negative response i a post 9/11 world.

Or to those same talkers doing everything in their power to imply that Obama hates America.

How about telling that to the Texas republicans at their convention who wore buttons saying ‘If Obama wins the white house, will it still be called the white house?”

I could never vote for Obama in a million years but we HAVE to find a way to fight him on the Issues, and not on his ‘patriotism, or try to play ‘guilt by association’  or by saying the terrorists will be dancing in the street if he wins, or by asking, is Barack really a muslim?

I don’t expect that McCain’s campaign will fight that front, but we ALL know the 527’s are going to find a way to go there, directly or indirectly.

Yes, these will evoke an emotional reaction, but it will happen on both sides of the isle. Sure you may convince a few republicans sitting on the fence to vote McCain, but at the same time you will convince millions more democrats who may be sitting on the fence that the GOP is playing true to its percieved fearmongering/bigoted form.

Obama will ALWAYS win if we try to battle him in the realm of emotion.. One soaring, ‘Still I Stand’ sppech will wipe away every doubt planted by 527’s dirty work. We cannot win on his turf.

He has to be defeated in the realm of REASON. Hillary took him to school on policy, she waited too late to find the key, but we would do well to learn from her mistakes.

Matt Lewis’s little dig at Mike produced the usual plethora of Huck Derangement Syndrome responses, including this little number:

The problem with what Huckabee said is that it reveals what he thinks of conservatives, that he believes that conservatives are racists that will resort to racist attacks on the first black presidential candidate, unless he staves them off with his pastoral wisdom.

So it’s not that I think he supports Obama or anything. He’s just once again revealing his contempt for conservatives, just like he did back in the primary.

Uhhh.. what?

Mike didn’t  ‘reveal’ his secret contempt for conservatives.

He made an observation based on tangible evidence of the direction that the GOP is thinking of taking in this election. He listen’s to talk radio, he saw the GOP ads that were run in the Southern special elections, which the GOP LOST, because they tried to run a negative campaign based on emotional guilt by Obama association.

I cannot emphasize enough how right Huckabee is on this subject. The GOP will LOSE in a landslide if they try to make this a character defamation ‘swift boat’ campaign. Obama is no Kerry to take a hit laying down, and the backlash could propell him into the whitehouse.

And for the record, as once again Lewis’s post intentionally tried to make Mike into an Obama sympathizer, here is a comment from Jarrod, on the site, to provide some context of the further development of Huckabee’s thoughts on Obama.

Jarrod writes: Wednesday, June, 18, 2008 5:50 PM
Favorite Pastime
It seems one of the favorite pastimes here at Townhall is demonizing Mike Huckabee, posting quotes in order to point out once again what a idiot traitor to Republican principles ‘Huckles’ is. Here are some other quotes from the same story:

“I am grateful for Barack Obama and his magnificent climb and the journey that he has taken. But then I will tell you, he has gone far enough this year.”

Ultimately, he said the election should be about substantive issues, not symbolism. Huckabee hit Obama on higher taxes, his inexperience, and foreign policy. . .

. . . Issues of national security and foreign policy-not necessarily the Supreme Court or tax rates-are paramount in this election, he suggested. “This election is not so much about whether our great grandkids will live in a nice house. This election may well be whether our great grandchildren live at all. That’s how serious it is and we need a serious candidate for president, who understands what we face and how to face it.”

He said Obama could not point to a single accomplishment in his time in the U.S. Senate or Illinois Legislature that advanced national security or aided the economy. He contrasted that with the experience of Republican nominee John McCain.

Frankly, this is no time for driver ed,” Huckabee said. “This is a time for a seasoned, serious person behind the wheel of the country.”

Maybe it is his experience as a Christian pastor, but what a lot of non-conservatives notice, and appreciate about Huckabee is that he has the ability to condemn the sin (like he condemns Obama’s policies above) but not the sinner (Obama himself).

I don’t understand why so many conservatives find that ability so contemptible.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

His Handmaiden

Why is it that folks see what they want to see in a story?

Blogospheric buzz reveals the Huck Haters on both sides of the isle rubbing their hands in glee at the thought that Huck has thrown in the towel and ‘moved on’ with his contracted gig to ‘contribute’ to Fox news Election Headquarters program.

Does no one realize that clauses can be built into a contract that would provide legal ways for him to exit the arrangement without liability? There is no way Huck signed that contract without a clause that gets him released in the event that he is selected as VP. He’s not stupid. Focused, ambitious..a political tactician..but not stupid.

In the meantime.. the naive drop their guard, thinking he is lost to the ‘entertainment’ element of the political game. In fact, with one brilliant move, he has positioned himself to get more involved than ever in this political cycle.

He gets free airtime to connect with a a faction of the GOP that was reluctant to embrace him, and his name recognition goes through the roof. The opportunity that Huckabee will get to peel away the layers of cricature that were painted onto his frame during the primaries is priceless. And by signing on with the network that could most easily disrupt his efforts to redeem his image, he has effectively silenced his biggest opposition. Fox has yet to eat one of its own.

With his natural ability to use the media to connect, Huck can use the summer months to make inroads with the GOP base that would make him priceless as a VP candidate for McCain, while providing him with a larger platform to continue his current PR surrogacy for McCain’s candidacy. There are a LOT of social conservatives who stopped watching Fox during the primaries who will tune in again, and many of them have yet to be convinced to support him fully. Huckabee can help bring those folks to water, even if he cannot make them drink.

And if he doesn’t get chosen.. he still has an open door into the homes of potential future voters.

The man is a political genius.. You don’t think he knew that Fox has been the network most biased AGAINST his candidacy? He could have gone with MSNBC and be subject to the continued accusation that he is a closet liberal.

Instead he has gone into the lions den to reshape the debate from the inside out. Just what his grassroots base is doing at the local level with the candidates endorsed and supported by his PAC

The establishment underestimates Huckabee at their peril. He is nobody’s fool.

You don’t get to the top without knowing how to the play the game, and Huckabee is proving to be one of the best at strategy. While some may sneer and call this ‘opportunism’ I can only shake my head in amazement. There is something in the water in Arkansas..lol

Good job Gov.